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As a Production user, your role is to ensure that internal processes run smoothly, and work is produced to the highest quality, on time, and within budget. You will be responsible for creating Cost Estimates and Purchase Orders.

As a Finance user, you are responsible for creating Tax Invoices and Credit Notes and ensuring Supplier Invoices and Supplier Credit Notes have been captured.

To begin, watch these videos, followed by the overview of the Production/Financial section, and the Step-by-Step guides.

You can also access our Knowledge Base here for more information.

Production/Financial Overview

Production is the stage in which the creative brief gets executed.  It is where external vendors are contracted to do photography work, or artists to create artwork.  This all needs to be supplied and produced within the deadlines, and on budget.

The Production and Financial features in Chase provide an efficient way to prepare a budget for a job and keep track of all the costs involved.  

From setting up your client and supplier details, creating quotes and purchase orders, sending client and supplier invoices, right through to exporting all financial transactions - these features are available to help you run your agency.

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