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A Budget CE is a full budget of estimated amounts and costs (typically for the Job Bag). This allows costs to be allocated to the Budget CE, and billings done periodically on linked CEs (child CEs).  The Budget CE feature can be used when you need to bill for specific line items or a portion of the CE as the job progresses. For this functionality to work, the Budget CE status must be activated and the appropriate user rights should be configured.

Budget CE:

  • A Budget CE is a full budget CE where costs will be allocated. Supplier documents (Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices etc.) will be created from the Budget CE.
  • Please note that Chase will not allow any billing from being made on the Budget CE.

Linked CEs:

  • Linked CEs will carry all periodic billings for the Job and once all the linked CEs related to a Budget CE are billed, that Budget CE will automatically be set to Reconciled status.
  • You can create as many Linked CEs as required, provided that the sum of amounts on linked CEs does not exceed the amount on the Budget CE, per line item.
  • Chase will not allow you to create Purchase Orders from a linked CE.

Below are steps to show you how to:

Step-by-step guide

Set up user rights to enable the Budget CE option.

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Lookup Codes.

    The Lookup Codes screen appears.

  2. Click the drop down arrow on the Category field, and select DocStatus_Cost Estimate.

     A list of all Cost Estimate statuses appears.

  3. To enable this status, check the Is Active checkbox next to the Budget line.

    If the Budget CE feature is not used, then the Budget status should be left inactive.

  4. Click the Can Change To drop down and select the user right that will be able to apply this status.

    For this example, Production was selected.

  5. Check the Create Supplier Doc checkbox.

    This will ensure that POs can be created from the Budget CE.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. The Budget status will be added to the list of Cost Estimate statuses.

Create a Budget CE

  1. Navigate to the Job Bag that you want to add a Budget CE to.

  2. Create the CE and add line items by clicking the Add Lines button.

  3. Once all Work Types have been added, click the Status drop down and select Budget from the list.

    The user with sufficient user rights will be able to create Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices against line items on this CE. Please note that you will not be able to create an Invoice from this CE.

Create Linked CE from a Budget CE

  1. With the Budget CE open, click the Shortcut Menu button and select Add Linked CE.

    A Create Cost Estimate off of a Budget CE dialog appears with all amounts on the Budget CE.

    The Create Linked CE dialog works similarly to the Create Invoice dialog, where line items can be selected.

    You can also select options from the field in the top left of the dialog for creating a CE with standard amounts.
    F - Create the Full /Outstanding Value of the Cost Estimate

    M - Create amount Manually

    5 - Create 50 % of the Cost Estimate

    O - Create Other % of the Cost Estimate

  2. Select individual line items that will be on this CE.
    For this example, Copy/Script and Design line items where selected.

  3. In the To be Linked column, enter amounts that you want this linked CE to be created with.

    For this example, R225 and R 2 250.5 were entered for Copy/Script and Design line items.

    You can also select if you want to create the linked CE in Draft or Approved status by checking the Create as Draft or Create as Approved checkboxes.

  4. Click the Create button.

    The Cost Estimate appears with details pulling from the Budget CE and the Job Bag.

    Please Note that billings can be performed on CEs linked to the Budget CE. When all linked CEs are fully billed, the related Budget CE status will automatically be set to Reconciled.

    You can also navigate back to the Budget CE by clicking the CE No button.

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