A job recon report allows you to view the actual job recon statement for a specific job or a list of jobs which includes all items namely: CE's, PO's, Tax Invoices, Credit Notes, Margin Nett and Gross, Time, Time Cost, Task allocation and material items. This report is commonly printed from the actual Job bag.

Purpose and guide:
Things to look out for: 
When is the Recon reviewed:

Here's a visual demonstration for print a Job Recon Statement from the Job Bag

Below are steps to show you how to print a Job Recon Statement from the Job Bag.

Step-by-step guide

  1. With the Job that you want to print a Job Recon for open, click the "Print" drop-down button

  2. From the drop-down list that appears select "Job Recon Statement"

  3. A new window will open on your browser. If the Recon has more information, simply close this window, make necessary changes to the job and follow above steps to preview it. You can also print the Job Recon in batch form from the Reports window.

  4. For a more detailed Job Recon please see How to make sense of the Job Recon

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