You can create statuses for the Job, and customise each status, in terms of allowing transactions and document creation.

Below are steps to show you how to set up a custom status for the Job Bag.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Lookup Codes.

  2. The Lookup Codes screen appears. Click the Category field, and select JobStatus.

    There are two sections to the Job Status screen, the system based statuses (indicated by the grey block), and the custom statuses which the User has created.
  3. To create a custom status, click the + Add New button on the Toolbar.

  4. Enter the new custom status name in the Lookup column on the new line.

  5. Click the Processed As field, and select a status which will allow the new status to follow the same logic/rules.  

    For example, if you create Traffic Closed and it should follow the same logic/rules as Finished, then you will set it to be Processed As 'Finished'. We recommend that you select an option, even if it you set this field to Open. 
  6. Click the Can Change To field, and select the user rights that can use this status. 

  7. Optionaly select the user rights in the Can Change From field.

    The Is Active checkbox is checked by default, this simply means that once the new status is saved it will appear on the Job Bag Status field drop down and is ready to be used.

  8. Select documents that can be created if the Job Bag is in this status, by checking the checkboxes in the relevant columns.

    All documents are by default selected. You can uncheck the checkbox in the relevant columns to disable documents from being created when this status is selected on the Job.
  9. Save changes made to the screeen.

    The created status will appear on the Current Status field of the Job Bag, ready for use.

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